When life goes its own way  ....


Due to massive private changing, we had to renew our plans completely: 

- The beautiful ARKTOS daughter TARA (see below) is not kennel member anymore as planned.She found another place in Finland where she is loved and cuddled.

- We did neither mate GRACE nor MINNIE as planned in Spring. But my family had and still has to come first! 
- MILLIE was not going to SWITZERLAND but home to her breeder Annita McDonald in Scotland (UK) where she would be used as therapy dog and to have one litter. We hope for nice puppies (one or two are coming back to Austria then). This litter will be CEA carrier/non carrier and free of PRA/MDR-1, DM & MH.
- MARNIE found finally a wonderful place in Germany with a couple which adores her. She is THE princess of the family now and will have one litter with ARKTOS in 2019 hopefully. This litter will also be of great health. 
- DOVE´s owner did not recover as thought and hoped before, and so she went back to her breeder Dragana in BiH, which should be the best for her. She is NOT part of MILESIAN collies anymore, cause I decided NOT to have any Co-Ownerships in future. There are more difficulties than positive ones, because in the end I am always responsible for everything, no matter what happens and if it has anything to do with me or not. You can only sell a dog completely or not at all. Half or in co-ownership does not work hereby - as I knew from the Thoroughbred Horse Breeding - and I have accepted that now. Therefore please do not ask anymore for such offers.

- Last but not least, SHANIA who was leased to a breeder for a litter, lost the babies again.This time, the mater and the whole pregnancy was perfect but it looked that she has a uterine inertia cause when she was at the Vet clinic for the c-section, all puppies were already dead. So she will not be mated anymore (of cause not!!!!) and sprayed as soon as she would be back home. SHANIA is NOT for sale (none of our retired dogs is for sale), so please do not ask for her. She will stay at our stud farm as nanny for the puppies. 


We are not happy about all these new situations but nobody knows if this is not the better way. You should never look back but accept the future. If one door closes, another opens. Mostly! 

Please find now regularly our news starting with our show plans for the SHOW SEASON 2019 and our changed breeding plans




Tara ... when dreams

are coming true! 


Many thousand thanks to my friend NEDA STARMAN who made my life so happy. She offered me the best blue puppy I ever saw:

TARA - UNLIMITED LOVE - a daughter of our blue wonderboy, ARKTOS - MONSOLANA MEETING WITH YOU, out of Lily, a daughter of our ACE, WICANI ENT`ICED.   



TARA is the perfect cross between "old" and "new" lines and will be our show star for 2018.




NewArktos litter arrvied in Slovenia ...

Some puppies of excellent show and breeding quality are looking for loving homes forever. Transport can be arranged wordwide. 

Inquiries please directly to NEDA STARMAN  neda.starman@telekom.si