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Collie Kennels in Europe   (MC LEOD´S Collies - here the dad of our wonderful KIRA is born)   (WICANI Collies - UK, home of the Wicanis, which are part of our breeding program like ACE, MOON,....)   (GLENOAK Collies - D, breeder of Glenoak Ballet Shoes "Shakira")  (DESTINYSSHINE COLLIES - D, home of MILAS LATIN JAZZ, the dad of SHANIA and MILAS ILLEGAL LATIN, grandpa of SHAKIRA)  (COLLIES of the HOLY MOUNTAIN - Slovenia, home of our ACE, and MOON, the dam of our new hope) and our breeding JV partner!!! Minnie and Grace are born there.  (ANDROMA KENNEL, breeder of Androma Revealing Secrets "Paris")  (Sunwind's Collies - SE)  (ASTROMELIAS Collies - Spain)

Collie Kennels in USA & Canada    (GLASGOWHILL Collies - Canada)    (MILAS Collies - USA)    (VAN-M Collies - USA), the breeder of Van-M Tequila Sunrise "Shania"  (CLARION Collies - USA)

miscellaneous       (our cats and dogs like it)      (our special shop for raw food and BARF)     (excellent raw food)          (what we feed to all cats and dogs)       (almost pure meat)     (here you can find collies offered in Austria)     (Food for Cats & Dogs)        (here we buy dog accessories and toys and our dogs; excellent groomer)