The last day of the year. A year in which incredible news have happened. 30 years ago I got my first collie. A gold sable female named Balihei of the old Romans. Classic bred with UK and U.S. lines. Maybe too big for great shows (she sized 61 cm!) but nevertheless I've forgotten how many CAC, CACIB, BOB and winning titles she got. Moreover I have not forgotten her unbelievable cleverness, understanding, and unconditional love to me. A love to self-abandonment. Since then, the Collie addiction has never left me anymore.

Only now after 30 years I have found a bitch who takes possession of my heart again, as Balihei at that time: my sweet little Sha-Kira, Glenoak Ballet Shoes. She is so similar to Balihei in her nature and she is just as beautiful.

2013 was a year in which many decisions were made. We ventured the jump to be breeder and let our kennel register under the name: MILESIAN COLLIESParis, Androma Revealing Secrets, came and won the VV1 at his first show. We will see how he develops in the coming year. Shania, a Van-M bitch came after a long preparation time from USA to Austria. Thank you, Angela Harvey (Wicani Collies) for the arrangement and thank Laura Van Embden for the trust in us. My love to the MILAS COLLIES - Shania and Sha-Kira are both MILAS x Van-M bred - has brought me yet another bitch:

Tara, Sunwind's Love Song. Her father is the well-known AM CH Milas Ashes and Snow and she is bred by the famous Sunwind´s kennel, Malin Jannson. She will move to us in early 2014. Tara and another bitch will jointly form with the U.S. bitches Shania and Sha-Kira the fundamental stock of the Milesian breed, mainly with the males:

  • Ace - Wicani Ent'Iced - a multi-champion in tricolour (Co-Owned with Neda Starman)
  • two additional boys, which won´t be named just now ..... only that it will be a sable and a blue-merle

2013 was also a year of big efforts - professionally and personally. We have sown and we will reap the fruits of this work in 2014.

I want to thank hereby at this point all of you who assisted us in 2013. Thank you for your patience and for your friendship.

PANTA RHEI - everything flows - this is the MOTTO of the coming year

Good bye 2013 ...

Der letzte Tag des Jahres. Eines Jahres, in dem unglaublich viel passiert ist. Vor 30 Jahren bekam ich meinen ersten Collie. Eine goldsable Hündin namens Balihei of the old Romans. Klassisch gezogen mit UK und US Linien. Mag sein zu groß für Shows (sie maß 61 cm!) aber dennoch, ich habe vergessen wie viele CAC und CACIB, BOB und Siegertitel sie gewonnen hat. Nicht vergessen habe ich ihre unglaubliche Klugheit, ihr Verständnis und ihre bedingungslose Liebe mir gegenüber. Eine Liebe bis zur Selbstaufgabe. Seit diesem Zeitpunkt hat mich die Collie Sucht nicht mehr losgelassen.

Aber erst jetzt nach 30 Jahren habe ich wieder eine Hündin gefunden die mein Herz so einnimmt wie Balihei damals: meine kleine Sha-Kira, Glenoak Ballet Shoes. Sie ist Balihei so ähnlich in ihrem Wesen und sie ist genauso schön.

2013 war ein Jahr in dem viele Entscheidungen getroffen wurden. Wir haben den Sprung zum Züchter gewagt und unseren Kennel unter MILESIAN COLLIES eintragen lassen. Paris, Androma Revealing Secrets, kam und gewann gleich bei seiner ersten Show das VV1. Wir werden sehen wie er sich im kommenden Jahr entwickelt. Shania, eine Van-M Hündin kam nach langer Vorbereitungszeit. Danke,Angela Harvey (Wicani Collies) für die Vermittlung und danke Laura Van Embden für das Vertrauen in uns. Meine Liebe zu den MILAS COLLIES – Shania und Sha-Kira sind beide MILAS x Van-M gezogen – hat mir noch eine weitere Hündin beschert:
Tara, Sunwind´s Love Song. Ihr Vater ist der berühmte AM CH Milas Ashes and Snow und sie stammt von der bekannten Sunwind´s Zucht Schweden, Malin Jansson. Sie wird Anfang 2014 zu uns ziehen. Sie und eine weitere Hündin werden gemeinsam mit den US Hündinnen Shania und Sha-Kira den Grundstock der MILESIAN Zucht bilden mit den Rüden:

2013 war auch ein Jahr der unglaublichen Anstrengungen: beruflich wie privat. Wir haben gesät und wir werden 2014 die Früchte dieser Arbeit ernten.

Ich bedanke mich hier an dieser Stelle bei allen, die an uns geglaubt haben und uns beigestanden haben. Danke für Eure Geduld und Eure Freundschaft.

PANTA RHEI - alles fließt - das ist unser Motto für das kommende Jahr


Möge die Zeit der positiven Veränderungen das ganze Jahr über anhalten. 



30.11.2013 & 1.12.2013: Absolutely fantastic news!

CACIB CELJE/SLOV - On Saturday,30.11.2013 the 10 months old ACE - Wicani Ent´Iced son Hot´N Sp´Icy of Holy Mountain "Jett" was 1 exJCAC, JBOB and became BOB (Sen. & Jun.)! And on Sunday, 1.12.2013 he was again 1 ex, JCA, and became JBOB and
 BOB and was nominated in the shortlist of BIS Junior and BOG! This is a great success for our young breeding kennel and our partner Neda!
We are over the moon and sooo proud with you, Neda Starman of Holy Mountain (Breeder and Owner) and Jana Premk (handler).


We have babies in our JV partnerkennel HOLY MOUNTAIN COLLIES.
Our ACE is proud daddy of two amazing sweeties (male and female) in mahogany sable white. The bitch is the beautiful WINGS OF HOPE KoTaRa - LEXY
. We are very happy and wish good luck. More news soon.

24.11.2013: CACIB Zagreb/CRO - the ACE - Wicani Ent´Iced son Androma Revolution Blues "Rio" wonJCAC, JBOB and became ZAGREB JUNIOR WINNER! We are very happy with you, Andreja VELEPEC(Breeder and Owner) and Katarina PETRIC (handler).


It is a peaceful and quiet weekend in late Autumn. The wafts of mist move across the vineyards and our little valley. Slowly the atmosphere returns, which characterizes the weeks before Christmas. The trees have lost all the leaves and it smells of wet pine forest, foliage and of snow. Yes, it has become cold here, in Helenental.


It is the time to make plans for show and breeding season of 2014. Sitting here with Punch tea and hot chocolate and checking the pedigrees and pro & contra of all possible marriage candidates of our bitches, we have made the decision. It will definitely be WICANIs.




he Golden Autumn has arrived our little valley and with it a lot of great news. Our sweet baby should not be alone too long.....







Time to say good-bye .......

Our both Kassiopeia offsprings, Empress Eimi Ronna Bohemia and Empress Essy Ronna Bohemia are now sold as pets to a wonderful family in Germany. We decided to do so because they were not so happy with our male Paris in a herding. And due to their health they should not be used as stud bitches. Speedy and Sunny, we love you so much, that we have given this sacrifice to let you go. WE WILL ALWAYS MISS YOU!


First, say to yourself what you would be and then do what you have to do (Epictetus 100 a.Ch.) …

A new star is coming to MILESIAN kennel soon. HE is a proven sire, a Multi Champion and Multi Winner and HE is a collie full of spirit and charisma. HE is a true WICANI!!!!

(Ch Glasgowhill's Future Vision x Wicani Moonlight on Ice), CEA free/carrier, MDR-1 +/-, DM N/N

And now proudly owned by Neda Starman/Holy Mountain  Collies and Martina Tonte-Klix/Milesian Collie Kennel


Where to sow love, joy as love grows up (William Shakespeare) …

Another new princess is part of MILESIAN kennel now. She is a MILAS x VAN-M cross and gorgeous!And she is not only a beauty, she has also excellent health status:

CEA genetically free (non carrier) and MDR-1 free (non carrier). She is therefore the perfect cross to ALL males ...Her name is GLENOAK BALLET SHOES aka Shakira, my love ......

She is the most beautiful and sweetest girl I ever met in my life! Thank you so much MALIKAH und CARMEN KRAUS for this lady. I will never disappoint your trust.


Veni, Vidi, Vici…

It has taken nearly three months, till Shania has Austrian territory under her feet. But finally she arrived tired after a long trip from New Jersey/USA via Washington/USA and Frankfurt/D to Vienna/A, VAN-M TEQUILA SUNRISE, a lovely (dark) sable with big white neck and collar and a really "barbie" face, the first breeding bitch of MILESIAN kennel. She is by Grand Champion Milas Latin Jazz and Van-M Ballet Step, a gorgeous daughter of Van-M Ballot under the Trees. Thank you LAURA VAN EMBDEN for this lovely bitch.

Shania & Breeder Laura Van Emden (USA)
Shania & Breeder Laura Van Emden (USA)


Amazing news …

14. August 2013:

PARIS´s dad, Ace-WCJW-2012, CH Wicani Ent'Iced (Ch Glasgowhill's
Future Vision x Wicani Moonlight on Ice) owned by Neda Starman was 1. ex, CACIB
and BOB and also went BEST OF GROUP at CACIB Udine (Italy)!

19. August 2013:

Once again, PARIS´s dad, ACE, Wicani Ent´Iced, became 2x CAC,
1x RCACIB, 1x CACIB, 1x BOB and again BOG at double CACIB Show Bratislava and is now INTERNATIONAL CHAMPION!!!!

Thank you Lana Premk for the great handling

Pictures: © Winds Lass, Neda Starman


Things are changing ....

We originally wanted to buy two American bred collies from a German breeder. After long work the two boys were found and already fixed reserved for us. They should become our herd sires.

But then HE came and with him new perspectives of our breeding: ANDROMA REVEALING SECRETS! A son of my beloved WICANI Ent´Iced. CEA clear/Carrier, MDR1 +/- and DM free! And no white factored. And with a beautiful and clear character.

After PARIS has come into our lives, we has had to change many things. This boy was always our dream, but fix booked to someone else from first day of his life. Thanks to God and a lucky coincidence (withdrawal of the buyer), we could get him as our new star and future sire here at home. We had - and it was a hard decision full of emotions and pain - cancel the American boys. Three male dogs in one step would be a disaster, especially since the other two were much older and more mature. A horrible picture for sweet PARIS.

We never regret this decision. He is what we wanted: a real WICANI in type and character.

Now we needed to rethink about the breeding concept of MILESIAN. We will definitely breed our two "outcross" Kassiopeia girls, EMPRESS EIMI RONNA BOHEMIA and EMPRESS ESSY RONNA BOHEMIA, in middle of 2014 after a little show season, only to see how they are in EU breeding world. And I have two sires in my mind, which can be excellent.

Moreover, we bought a fantastic sable white bitch in USA: Shania, a Milas Latin Jazz daughter out of a Van-M. She is CEA clear/carrier by her mother and excellent in type. We have plans with her for this winter. Let´s see if these dreams come true.

Additionally, we fixed two puppies from a very special litter in Europe: Wicani x Van-M. I am thrilled about this cross and can´t wait for the birth. They will be CEA clear/carrier and MDR1 +/+ and with these incredible silver blue colours, which can only come out of WICANI "Neon" and his ancestors. These puppies will be a big opportunity for my breeding and my boy PARIS.


Our new trico boy ANDROMA REVEALING SECRETS aka Flash Paris or only PARIS, arrived home....


The MAY is starting thrilling:
MILESIAN COLLIES are now legally registered at the FCI


My birthday and also the birthday and founding day of the MILESIANS.....