Welcome to MILESIAN COLLIES in AUSTRIA ....          - the home of the true classic collie type .....                      - the home of happy and healthy dogs! - sweet and cuddly

Collie breeding in all existing colours .....

Kira (GLENOAK BALLET SHOES), our happy and healthy collie girl
Kira (GLENOAK BALLET SHOES), our happy and healthy collie girl

" The ordinary gives the world its existence, the extraordinary its value." Oscar Wilde (1854-1900)

T   he goal of MILESIANs is to breed this extraordinary Collie.......

the classic type full of beauty, elegance and dignity, coupled with intelligence and kindness. A true collie - sweet and cuddly. FIT for FUNCTION!

Therefore, we intend not to use EITHER UK or EU or US collies but to continue combining INTERNATIONAL bloodlines in order to maintain and create diversity - this is the classic collie gene pool. The ONE and ONLY classic FCI Standard! 

Moreover we are in a group of engaged breeders who are working ...

  • To reduce the incidence of the MDR1 deletion gene mutation in the breed.
  • To reduce the incidence of the CEA factor in the breed.
  • To reduce the incidence of DM, IPD, DMS, and many other factors which may redure the health of the collie breeding
  • To widen the gene pool in consideration of the merle and white factor - knowing that only the correct usage of these factors won´t create huge health risks, may reduce the inbreeding coefficient and increase MHC haplotypes. This will strengthen the immune system and encourage greater longevity.
  • To increase size for better movements and type

The inbreeding coefficient of our most of collies is less than 11%. Most of them have COI of 0% which is a fantastic result.

Now it´s official: Our kennel has been registered and protected world wide since early May 2013 at the FCI.




We are members of ....

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Daher füttern wir von Beginn an WOLFSBLUT bzw. AniForte, das für uns das allerbeste Hundefutter ist und , sowie Roh- bzw. BARF COMPLETE Futter (Rind, Pferd, Wild), das wir im Hundefeinkostladen in Wien per online Versand bestellen, zusammen mit Reisflocken, Gemüse, Obst - füttern. Außerdem bekommen sie Öle von MO´s Shop und diverse Zusätze.