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MILESIAN - what is this?




MILESIANs are a people figuring in Irish mythology. The descendants of Mil Espáine, they were the final inhabitants and founders of Ireland. And were believed to represent the Goidelic (or Gaelic) Celts.

Long time ago - many hundreds of years, the family of my father came from Ireland to France (Elsass) and then to Austria. And according to our family - slogan, we have decided to name our kennel for our ancestors:




The MILESIAN Collie is a mix of the best lines in Europe and USA. They have elegance and dignity and are full of noblesse. A true collie. 
There is no Irish bred collie but due to the history we name them Irish collies. It´s fun only but with a little serious in back. Sweet and cudley and full of temperament nevertheless nice to children and animals. No fear, no nervous behaviour. This is what we want and also what our collies are. And this is what we expect of our puppies.

Same with the MILESIAN Pembroke Corgis. Living in the fairy woods of Kildare country in Ireland, they have seen more mystery than our children can imagine. The magic starts to be alive ... please be part of the miracle of 

the Clan of MILESIANS