Nachzucht von Ace - Offspring of Ace

From Androma R-Litter with Rineweld Charm of Colors:


A  ndroma Rare Diamond – blue male, 24.2.2013

A  ndroma Rebel Soul - tri male, 24.2.2013

A  ndroma Revealing Secrets - tri male, 24.2.2013
Show Sempeter 2013: 1 ex, R BOB

A  ndroma Revolution Blues – blue male, 24.2.2013 
Show Zagreb 2013: 1 ex, JCAC, JBOB, Junior Winner Zagreb 2013
Show Maribor 2014, 1 ex, JCAC, JBOB, Best Male
Show Pohorje 2014, 1 ex, JCAC 

A ndroma Rising Starr - blue male

From Holy Mountain G-Litter with Born To Be Femme Fatale:


G littery Star Dust of Holy Mountain - blue male, 7.1.2013

G lorius Winter Sky of Holy Mountain - blue male, 7.1.2013

G lory N´Fame of Holy Mountain – tri female, 7.1.2013

G one be Famous of Holy Mountain – tri male, 7.1.2013

G raceful Dream of Holy Mountain - blue male, 7.1.2013

From Holy Mountain H-Litter with Wicani Touched By a Dream:


H ot N´Sp´Icy of Holy Mountain - tri male, 25.1.2013 
Show Cejle 2013 - I: 1 ex, JCAC, JBOB, BOB
Show Cejle 2013 - II: 1 ex, JCAC, JBOB, BOB and shortlist BIS Jun. & BOG  

From Lidok`s S-Litter with Lidok's Straight from the Heart:


L idok´s Sippan´s Clone – blue female               

L idok´s Step by Step – blue female


From Holy Mountain K-Litter with Dances by Moonlight of Holy Mountain:


K ind of Magic of Mountain- tricolor male, 8.3.2014

K ing of Kings of Holy Mountain- tricolor male, 8.3.2014

K arma N´Pride of Holy Mountain– tricolor male, 8.3.2014

K lassic Touch of Holy Mountain– tricolor female, 8.3.2014

K iss in the Dark of Holy Mountain- tricolor female, 8.3.2014                                       

K issed by an Angel of Mountain- tricolor female, 8.3.2014

K eeping Faith of Holy Mountain- tricolor female, 8.3.2014