Love is in the Air ...

For certain reasons, we have changed our breeding plans respectively adapted them to these new circumstances.

Before we start the breeding, all of our bitches are successfully presented on shows and tested for health (DNA also).

All puppies out of these first four litters, which are planned for 2017/2018, will be at least CEA carrier. Moreover we will not have any DM affected puppies.

However, details will be provided only when the cover has been sucessfully. But as far as we can tell you: Shania, Minnie and Grace be mated with Wicani-males and Kira with our Alex.


rom this an open uterine inflammation resulted, all fetuses died unfortunately. Shania has to recover now but we believe that she will never have puppies. 

After perfectly preparation by the vet clinic, we tried it one last time and mate Shania. But unfortunately she lost the puppies again and will be neutered soon. She is NOT for sale and will live at our farm with the other kennel dogs. 

B - Litter:

Sometimes it takes more time but it looks like we will have two FALL LITTERS 2019 and both will be gorgeous!!!

Many thanks to Angela Harvey, who bred one of the most stunning boys I have ever seen. So our sweet GRACE - CH CRO, GRAND CH CRO, CH Ö, Multi BOB, Winter Winner Zagreb 15, Winner Styria 2017, Cruft Quali 2017 KISS IN THE DARK OF THE HOLY MOUNTAIN will be mated to this increditble blue boy ZEN, C.I.B. & CH SLOV WICANI FROZEN FIRE, who starts his show career recently with CACs and CACIBs in different countries,

This litter is quite important for us, cause we have here line breeding with WICANI bred and nevertheless quite low COI. Moreover expect puppies which are CEA NON CARRIER. Due to the strong rules of our Collie Club, we are encouraged to breed CEA DNA free Collies, which is extremely difficult cause only approximately 5-8% of all collies in the world are CEA DNA non carrier and lots have an increditble high COI. We are happy that we are able to use other lines (many thanks to Mr. Angela Harvey/Wicani - the breeder and Daniela Gangemi - the proud owner of ZEN). 

COI will be 1,9173% and the COIR 2,5032%

The pedigree includes following famous dogs like:
2 x Wicani Waltz at New Moon, 5 x the famous Khan-Wicani What´s New Pussycat, 2x the blue wonder Wicani Moonlight on Water, 3 x Wicani Nighthawk, 5 x the famous Mistress-Wicani Wrenee Dessard 
and many more.

Wicani Frozen Fire Wicani Catch My Coat Tails Van-M Music Man at Wicani Van-M River Rapids Van-M Tuck
Van-M Little Red River
Van-M Rhapsody Van-M Gadfly Of Honey Tree
Van-M That's A Wrap
Seryphina Silk'N Petticoats at Wicani Van-M Good Fellow at Wicani Van-M Good Samaritan
Van-M Free Lunch
Wicani Love On Blue Fridays Wicani Waltz of the New Moon
Seryphina Dance of the Raven Moon
Wicani Flawless Diamond Wicani Waltz of The New Moon Wicani What's New Pussycat Ch. Corydon Blackcat
Wicani Wrenee Dessard
Wicani Dances By Moonlight Eilroy Blue Blitz
Wicani Dark-Moon Dancer over Markenfield
Wicani Timeless Elegance From Krystalmist Ch. Glasgowhill's With Pride at Wicani Ch. Glasgowhill's Be A Rockstar
Glasgowhill's Rave Review
Wicani Wicked Indulgence Wicani Nighthawk
Wicani Opalescence
Ch. Kiss in The Dark Of The Holy Mountain Ch. Wicani Ent'Iced Ch. Glasgowhill's Future Vision Ch. Glasgowhill's Be A Rockstar Ch. Glasgowhill's Winning Ticket
Glasgowhill's Dreams Come True
Glasgowhill's Mocha Latte Ch. Van-M That's The Ticket
Van-M Take A Gander
Wicani Moonlight on Ice Wicani Nighthawk Wicani What's New Pussycat
Wicani Wrenee Dessard
Wicani Moonlight on Water Wicani Formula One
Wicani Dances by Moonlight
Ch. Dances By Moonlight Of The Holy Mountain Ch. Essanjay Encore From Krystalmist Ingledene Mr Majestic Ch. Shep's Wannabe Seen
Ingledene She's Magic
Wicani Moonkissed Maiden at Essanjay Wicani Nighthawk
Wicani Moonlight on Water
Born To Be Femme Fatale Silver Dream Blue Exclusive Edition Válinor Black Legend
Silver Dream Virginia's Blue
Ch. Silver Dream Black Yucca Sanside Soul Brother
Ch. Silver Dream Blue Kiwi

C - Litter:

Since our A-litter was so wonderful, despite the adverse circumstances (I was in hospital at that time and so my dear sister had to raise the puppies together with my best friend and professional breeder LANA PREMK) and because I want to be with KIRA when she would get the babies (if God allows me for sure), we dare a repeat breeding in Autumn 2019.

CH GLENOAK BALLET SHOES "Kira"  will be mated to our Showchamp C.I.B., Multi Champion, Multi Best in Breed, Multi Best in Group, Multi Best in Show and Champion of Champions ALEX, CH THUNDERCLAP ALEX. Alex is now the most successful Collie in Europe in 2016 and TOP Collie Austria 2016.

This litter will be again only sable - cause Alex seems to be dominate sable. All puppies of this litter are CEA DNA carrier, MDR-1 +/+ or +/- and DM n/n. 

COI will 0 %!

The pedigree includes following famous dogs like:
CH. Brilyn Touch of Black, CH. Wyndlair Avalanche, CH. Milas Illegal Latin, CH. Milas Latin Fever, 2x CH. Mercury the Biggest Star, the amazing Lakefield Love in My Heart of Liable, 
Ingledene Love Me Tender,  Hi-Crest Infinity and many more. 


Ch. Thunderclap Alex Lucky Starline Golden Garlic Ch. Noble Touch Fantazija Brilyn Touch of Black Lynaire Touch of Frost
Brilyn Touch of Class
Ch. Ladyklin La' Fantazija Love Ch. heidelind's No Good For You
Heidelind's Platonic Love
Lucky Starline Golden Fairy-Tale Ch. Forever Paradise Fantazija Promised Paradise Fantazija
Ch. Chifaja Marin Mjuz
Rejejs Glad Grebe Ch. HawkEire's Spirit O'Barksdale
Rejejs Enigma Silver
Thunderclap Love in Paradise Alfenloch Thunderation Ch. Taliesen Alfenloch Antarctic Wyndlair Avalanche
Ch. Southland's Long Hot Summer
Alfenloch Aries Ch. Wyndlair Momentum
Ennismoor Mikasa
Thunderclap Tiny Tender Ch. Seigeri Cherokee Chief Finn Arrow Golden Duffy
Black Gary Fanciful Fairy
Thunderclap Sweet Hannah Ch. Nyitramenti Chimney-Sweep
Thunderclap Golden Akea
Ch. Glenoak Ballet Shoes Mc Leod's Dares to Dress Differently Ch. Milas Illegal Latin Ch. Windhaven Stranger in Paradise Windhaven is Old Fashioned Way
Windhaven Unchain My Heart
Ch. Milas Latin Art Ch. Milas Latin Fever
Milas Scarborough First Seen
Dennisay's Miss Cover Girl Ch. Van-M Mercury The Biggest Star Ch. Van-M Make a Deal II
Van-M Twinkle's Apercu
Van-M Elegance Miss Demeanor Van-M Vision See The Future
Van-M Curfew
Mc Leod's A Girl For Sheriff K. Ch. Van-M Mercury The Biggest Star Ch. Van-M Make a Deal II Van-M Make a Play
Van-M Iron Pyrite
Van-M Twinkle's Apercu Van-M Make a Play
Van-M in a Twinkling
Van-M Holy Moly Van-M Vision See The Future Van-M Pal Joey II
Van-M Ticket Punch
Van-M Curfew Ch. Valiant Dark Secret
Van-M All Dolled Up

D - Litter:

Planned WINTER Litter 2019/20: 

Our cute little girl MINNIE - CH CRO, CH SLOV, CH Ö, Multi BOB, Winner Styria 2017 LIGHT FROM HEAVEN OF THE HOLY MOUNTAIN will be mated to one of the best males which Angela HARVEY (Wicani kennel/UK) has ever bred. More details I will only publish when the matering has taken place and will be successful.

But there will be famous dogs in the pedigree like: 5 x KHAN - Wicani What´s New Pussy Cat (the king of Wicani), 6 x MISTRESS - Wicani Wrenee Dessard (the Queen of Wicani) and many more. 

COI will 1,9592% and the COIR:2,3499%.

E - Litter

ROSIE - MILESIAN ACLOUD OF MYSTERY, shall go some shows in 2019 & 2020 and then be mated to a very special WICANI line bred sable male.